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RSScache.com – Bandwidth Saver for News Feeds November 29, 2005

Posted by Ced in Feeds, Online, Services.

RSScache.com (Online Service, Free) is a bandwidth saver solution for RSS feeds. The service provides an intelligent caching system that lets news readers pull feeds from RSScache.com instead of directly from the source feed. It supports RSS 0.91/2.0, Atom, RDF, and more.

The service saves bandwidth for both subscriber and source (website where the news feeds originate) by fetching only the new entries of the feed. [See How RSScache.com works] And it is easy to activate caching: you just add ” my.rsscache.com/ ” to the news feed URL.

Webmasters using RSScache.com can also earn with their feed by activating advertisements in the service. If activated, advertisements (currently from Chitika) are automatically added at the end of the feed entry. Also, if your news feeds are cached by the service, you can see its usage statistics in the form of graphs. Statistics, of course, will only be recorded if your subscribers use the RSScache feed URL.

I find the service to be great in preventing “double fetching” of news feed entries. I noticed that some of the feeds that I read constantly send a fixed number of entries (usually 5 or 10), so I used to get frequent double entries. Using the service fixes this flaw.

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