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23 – Photo Sharing Service without Ads November 30, 2005

Posted by Ced in Online, Photo, Services.

23 (Online Service, Free) is simple and smart photo sharing site service, created and maintained by a small dedicated team of people who love taking pictures with their digital cameras.

What we felt was missing was a tool that made storing, organizing, and sharing these photos truly easy and simple. 23 is here to take digital photography the next leap forward. Back to sharing. [23]

Similar to Flickr, 23 uses tags – keywords or labels that you can attach to your photos, to make it easier (for you, your friends, or anybody) to find it later. Two levels of service are offered – Free & 23Plus account (29 EUR), where a Free account has a 15MB upload limit per month, and the 23Plus acount does not have a monthly limit.

The service also promises an ad-free environment for both Free and 23Plus accounts.

Even free account users will find 23 an ad-free environment for their photos. The clean environment also extends to the way we do branding. We basically think that your photo pages belongs to you, not to us. [23]

If you love sharing photos online, want to do it for free, and would like to have an ad-free & logo-free environment for your pictures, 23 may be worth trying.

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