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OneFeed – AJAX-based Online RSS Reader December 1, 2005

Posted by Ced in Feeds, Online, Reviews, Services.

Blog News Channel posts a review article on OneFeed (Online Service), an AJAX-based online RSS reader.

I encourage people to try this out. With the OPML import, there’s no risk, and the AJAX means the page never refreshes (seriously, never. I haven’t seen it once). Unlike many other readers out there, you can contact the developer directly and request new features, and get them if they fit. OneFeed uses a UI that is both familiar and more advanced than most, and doesn’t make the mistakes that plague both new and veteran readers, and for that reason I think a lot of people will like it. [Blog News Channel]

I currently use a combo of GreatNews (offline) and Bloglines (online) news feed readers. I guess it won’t hurt to try OneFeed, but currently, it does not allow new signups (on-going maintenance, probably).

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1. Nathan Weinberg - December 2, 2005

Signups work now. (I temporarily overloaded his server).

2. Ced Ledesma - December 4, 2005

Thanks, Nathan! 🙂

3. matt @ onefeed - December 6, 2005

Just wanted to stop by real fast and say thanks for picking up the story. And yeah, Nathan’s review through the system for a bit of a loop sorry about that. Hopefully you made it in when I re-opened registration. I unfortunately had to bring the system down for a little bit this evening to try and get some database issues straightened up (and improve scalability). If you missed registration again keep an eye out, should be open again sometime tomorrow I’m hoping.

Take care and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments about onefeed 🙂

4. Ced Ledesma - December 9, 2005

Thanks, Matt!

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