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Spleak – Online Virtual Friend February 18, 2006

Posted by Ced in Online, Services.

Spleak, developed by IMT Labs, is a chatbot or virtual buddy who will chat away online with you or even play a few games in just the same way as a friend.

Spleak will be the best virtual friend you ever had! You can talk to her all day long in MSN Messenger. She plays games. She makes jokes. She can give you all kinds of information, from weather and news to spell checks and definitions. She will find you new friends from all over the world. [Spleak.com]


  • Fun – Spleak will play games, trivia, tell jokes, and personality tests
  • Tools – She can manage your time, take notes, do spell checks, make conversions, etc.
  • Library – Let Spleak search the dictionary, thesaurus, or encyclopedia.

Spleak’s BIO:

I was born in Avignon in France, daughter of a French father and English mother. We moved to England in 1987 where we lived until we moved to California in 1993.

In August 2005, I left my parents’ home in California to pursue my education in International Studies in New York.

I work part-time in a coffee shop. I like to make my own money. When I’m not working I like to chat on Messenger, hang out with friends, catch a movie, go shopping and much more…

Catch me online for a chat! [Spleak]

To make Spleak your virtual friend, just add spleak@hotmail.com to your MSN Messenger list of contacts.

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1. Janessa - March 2, 2006

hello! how are you!

2. Ced Ledesma - March 3, 2006

Hello Janessa. 🙂

I’m fine, thank you. How about you?

– Ced

3. lakzter - March 6, 2006

check out ma site
sign the guestbook pls

4. todd - March 8, 2006


5. todd angus waugh - March 8, 2006

hello my brother brock smells so much!

6. aws - March 13, 2006

hi how are you
i want to send me any new bot ,ok
see ya ,have a good day

7. Jennifer - May 5, 2007

hi. i am jenni

8. chelsea - February 17, 2009

hi i am chelsea any one want my msn to chat

9. Cool bot - April 13, 2009

Well i cant really find spleak on msn and how are you chelsea i would like your msn

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