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Flixter – A Better Way to Pick Movies March 9, 2006

Posted by Ced in Online, Reviews, Search, Services.

Flixter is a free online service that enables you to:

  • See movies your friends liked
  • Keep a list of movies you want to see
  • Spread the word about good films
  • Find friends that want to see a particular movie

As The RSS Blog puts it, online social networking meets movies.

If you love watching movies, Flixter can help you choose which film to get.

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1. hector vega govea - October 14, 2006

hello I want to suscribe

2. hector vega govea - October 14, 2006

and this is all

3. hector vega govea - October 14, 2006

how I can watch a movie ?

4. Ced - October 16, 2006

hector vega govea,

Flixter is just a service that lets you learn what movie or film titles your friends or other people liked. To watch a particular movie title, however, would probably involve purchasing or renting a DVD.

5. Jane Salisbury - October 24, 2006

Beware of Flixter. They infiltrated my Hotmail account and have been sending invitations to my contacts in my name.
They say I issued the invitations. I say it’s hardly likely I would issue invitations to myself (on other email addresses) and business contacts.
I’m still waiting for an explaintion.

6. Evans - December 19, 2006

I have just experienced the same thing (flixter invading the hotmail accounts and harvesting relationship information to promote usage). This is absolutely scandalous, I will be taking it up with whatever authority I can find.

7. jack - December 23, 2006

can i jony flixter

8. Jim Button - February 20, 2009

dont know wats up with flixter thank god it hasnt happened to me… It is a nice place to check out abt movies… another site tht could give good competetion to flixter is this filmjamr.com… its got all the new movies, trailors n i guess they are coming up with this new thing where u get the movie timings and also book tickets… the best thing is that its simply easy…. http://www.filmjamr.com

9. alexis wright - May 14, 2009

waqs up this be ur gurl alexis im just trying 2 see if u would atractly get this hope u read

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