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Travelindependent.info – Everything About Independent Budget Travel March 16, 2006

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Travel Independent (travelindependent.info) is a site that provides useful information about backpacking.

This site is about sharing all the information that is so very obvious to anyone who has experienced it, but can be so frightening to a first timer and a real inhibitor to good planning in the way of time, money and what you carry on your back. It’s hoped the site fills a gap that I saw when I tried to research this information on the Internet myself before setting out the first time (loads of travelogues, but no real information). [Travel Independent]

The site covers these topics:

  • What to Pack – packing tips and general advice on everything you need to carry with you in terra incognita
  • Where to Go – few ideas of the good, bad and ugly
  • Before You Go – what to do before you leave
  • Country Summaries – Up to-date topical facts and tips
  • On the Road – comprehensive guide explaining and offering an idea as to some of the things that you need to deal with whilst travelling and how to deal with them, such as food poisoning and bus travel.
  • Resources – a selection of recommended travel resources: planning guides, guide books, travel reading

A great resource for the backpacking afficionado.

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