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Gibbity – Game Discovery Engine August 15, 2006

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Gibbity is a People-powered, Tag-driven, AJAX-enabled Game Discovery engine. As a participant, you can either explore the current game listings and review stuff you find, or you could contribute games that aren’t there yet and review those. That’s basically all there is to it.

Anyone who has ever played an electronic game on any platform (console, PC, browser-based, mobile, etc), from anywhere in the world can join Gibbity. Because we want every contribution to be equally accessible to the entire Gibbity community, we do need to require that all titles, tags and information you submit be in English (or some variation of English, as long as it’s coherent). [Gibbity]

Do you love playing games and would like to share your experiences to other people? Or maybe you would like to see what people are currently playing, and would like to know their personal opinion regarding it? Gibbity lets you do exactly that.

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1. karthick - November 26, 2009

hi, I found a similar web initiative – allgamesearch http://www.allgamesearch.com

AllGameSearch – also a community powered game search

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