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ClickTV – User Interface for Web Video August 29, 2006

Posted by Ced in Online, Search, Services, Video.

ClickTV (click.tv) is a new user interface for web video that lets users click to discover what’s inside a video instantly, and even share their thoughts about the action. It does this by enabling video producers and users to add comments to points inside a video.

Watching videos on the web today is a lot like watching a VHS tape on a TV. But web users are used to being in total control of their web experience, to using their mouse and keyboard to find what they want, when they want it. Click.TV lets you use your mouse and keyboard to get inside a video, rather than wait for the interesting part to come to you. [ClickTV]

ClickTV recently updated its interface, having improvements on the following:

  • Play Track
    • Click on the > button next to any track to play it. Playing a track
      plays only the comments in the track. Note that the scrubber bar below
      the video panel changes to show which parts of the video are playing.
  • Search and Play Track
    • Now, the Search box is in the top track in the matrix overlaying the
      video. Type in a search term in the box and click the > button next to
      it. The Search is executed and the comments that are search hits (the
      “Search track”) are played automatically.
  • Graphics and Ads in Comment Panes
    • You’ll notice graphics in comment panes for the first time. We’re
      using this new capability to demonstrate a few ads on the videos on
      our site. This is an undocumented feature, so please contact Mike if
      you’d like to try it in your movies.

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