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JotSpot Family Site – Free Family Oriented Site September 1, 2006

Posted by Ced in Info, Online, Services.

JotSpot Family Site (online site, beta) is a free service that lets your family share a calendar, build the family tree, have a secure sharing website, and plan events.

In just a couple clicks you can setup a website for your entire family. On the signup page, choose a website address (for example JohnstonFamily.jot.com), then follow three short steps and you will be ready to use your site. [JotSpot Family Site]

One cool feature is the family map, where all the contact info of family members are consolidated, and even shows how your family has spread out across the world in a map.

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1. Secret Blogger - September 4, 2006

I like how it created my family website but the photo upload function SUCKS!! It loads one picture at a time and is EXTREMELY slow. They need to fix this and the site will be really good.

2. judy thompson - September 6, 2006

My family members are complaining that they can’t get onto the site. It keeps asking for their passwords and even after they click on the forgotten password button and request it, they never hear anything.

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