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Tourb.us – Find Local, Live Music October 10, 2006

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Tourb.us is an online site that offers a service that tracks your favorite bands via email/RSS/iCal, get concert reminders, find shows in your area, meet friends, import fave bands from iTunes/Last.fm, and post reviews & photos of past shows.

A better way to find the live music in your area. Hear about shows ahead of time, get reminded when your favorite bands come to town and contribute to a community focused on live music. We want to make it much easier for fans to see the bands they like and discover new music. [tourb.us]

The site is currently providing info of music scenes in the following U.S. areas: Boston, Seattle, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and the Bay Area. More areas will be added soon.

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1. Jeff - October 10, 2006

Sweet; I love the “I’m going” feature…

Here’s another one I found (looking for a Decemberists show) that’s focused on Philly…


2. Legit - October 12, 2006

I tried tourb.us for a while, but found that almost none of the shows I go to are on there. Then I found OnTour. It has a huuuge listing of shows in my area, and has a killer widget for macs.


3. garshleyentertainment - May 12, 2007

I think that’s a great concept. I’ve signed up for some of those a few times and it turned out into a mess. I’ll definitely give this one a try.

4. ElJay Arem - May 28, 2007

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On my own I participated since 1994 in the Internet business, daily. First as a data fellow, secondly as a consultant for marketing strategies (e.g. eBizz, eCRM, “K”-Communities). Now with 42, oh dear, a lot of time and water run down the Ganges, it is funny to see, history (and especially that one of rezessions) doesn’t give most people the impact to learn from. Instead being hungry for more. Crazy world. Meanwile I am involved deeply started 2005 in the music industry as a radio producer for Indian Music Culture. Oh, not, what you think. No, No, not the Bollywood hype ! – Here we talk about the tradition of Indian music culture over 4000 years, so called Ghandarva Veda. (Rec.: Today we have two main styles in India: Hindustani (North Indian Classic) and Carnatic (South Indian Classic). Therefore with interests I follow such activities like Tourb.us, ontour.net (doesn’t it sound similar?), thescenemachine.org etc. … and wish you a lot of fun in your road shows to grap the risk capital from investors just seeking for a new big bubble. But mostly all the best for growing (menthally and spiritually) !! – JR (P.S.: And don’t forget. Out there is the real life to live. Simplify your life. // If you really seek for a thrill, making hot money, have a look here: http://allaboutpennys.wordpress.com )

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