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Grouper – Watch, Share and Create Videos December 15, 2006

Posted by Ced in Services, Video.

Grouper is a website that lets you watch, share, and create videos. For watching videos, the site offers a wide selection among numerous channels, with new videos constantly being added daily by the thousands. You can download any video from the site by using the Grouper software, letting you view them offline. All videos at the site are compatible with the iPod or PSP, so you can download and view them using your portable device.

If you use a webcam, you could share recorded video instantly to the site. Moreover, you could create your own videos using the Groovie Editor in the Gouper software.

Recently added is a channel called Screenbites. These are short video clips from movies and films from Sony Pictures.

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1. John - December 26, 2006

Similar to Grouper is GigaTribe, which also lets you share specific folders on your computer with friends/family…and it’s free.

Basically, you build a private network of friends and/or family and/or co-workers and allow them access to specific folders (and therefore files) on your computer which you’ve chosen to share. You can even use GigaTribe to access your computer from a remote location (work, etc…). It’s 100% safe (128-bit blowfish encryption), you can transfer huge files (no-limit!) and it’s easy to set up. For more info or to download GigaTribe (remember, it’s free!), go to http://www.gigatribe.com.

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