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Leafletter – Create Flash-based Mini Websites January 16, 2007

Posted by Ced in Photo, Services, Video.

Leafletter is a web based application which enables users to create miniature web sites (“Leaflets”) and embed them into social networks, blogs, and other web sites with ease.

A Leaflet is a miniature Flash based web site that can be displayed anywhere HTML is welcome. It is geared toward professional content creators – creative artists, media professionals, online sellers – users who seek broader exposure for their content, who probably already have a web site and/or online portfolio, and who want to begin showing their content, in a specific way, on social networks and blogs.

Leafletter is unique in that it gives the user complete control over how his media is laid out, embellished and displayed. It is created using an intuitive browser based (WYSIWYG) design tool, and features such helpful tools as Real Time Layout Changing, whereby a completed page can be viewed in 36 different configurations, Build By Blocks, whereby a user need only fill in Blocks to create a page within a Leaflet, and smooth Flickr integration for users wishing to share photos and maintain control of their presentation.

Once a Leaflet has been created it can be distributed using the familiar process of Copying and Pasting an Embed Code or URL to any location where HTML is accepted.

This is definitely a great way to showcase your content (i.e. some select photos) by grouping them in flash animation. It makes your site more interactive. Nice service to try and enjoy!

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