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Ziki – Optimize Online Visibility February 1, 2007

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Ziki.com is an online service that helps you optimize your online visibility. The service sponsors your name on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for free (free for first 10,000 members).

“Ziki.com helps you control your online identity and offers everyone a new way to search, share, promote and monetize their content through social networking. … It’s not only about profiles, it’s about what you like, what you need, who you know and what you publish and share on the web.” [Ziki.com]

At Ziki, you can:

  • gather all their personal information and digital content published over the Internet (blogs, photos, podcasts, videos, ..),

  • gather their various profiles (Linkedin, Viaduc, OpenBC, MySpace 6nergies…) on one page,

  • describe their personality, center of interests, skills, and talents with their own keywords to efficiently network with other members.

Each member can create a personal ziki, a company ziki or a ziki group (any formal or informal group).

I love the way Ziki consolidates my posts from my blogs and displays it at my Ziki page.

Update (2/2/2007): Andre Taliercio of the US Ziki Team reminded me of Ziki’s Sponsored Links Program (which is free for the 1st 10,000 Ziki members).

“… we’re offering our first 10.000 members $10 worth of sponsored links over a one year period, to get their Ziki listed at the top of Google, Yahoo and MSN. This is how it works: log in to your Ziki account, then click on “Promote my Ziki” menu and click on “Sponsored links”.” [About Ziki Faq]

I did just that, and checked Google search. Here’s a snapshot of the result:

Cool! Thanks Andre and Sandrine!

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