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Renkoo – Plan Get Togethers February 27, 2007

Posted by Ced in Online, Services.

Renkoo.com is an online service that helps you plan events with your friends. All the planning and negotiations on what to do and where can be done using the website, or via IM / SMS / email.

“Renkoo solves a problem we’ve all had: how does a group of friends decide on a place and time to get together (and maybe also an activity to enjoy)? Preferably without completely filling up your email box or spending all day on the phone :-). We specialize in planning social events where you know who you want to hang out with, but you don’t know when and where.” [Renkoo]

It is indeed quite difficult to plan get-togethers among friends. All those uncertainties on dates and places can become a vicious cycle, multiplied by the actual number of people to be attending the event. Renkoo removes the burden on the “event organizer”, and lets the group decide.

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1. Yan - February 27, 2007

Hey have you had a chance to check out Planypus? http://planyp.us makes it easy to plan things with your freinds because you are not required to supply all the details! Just post a headline like ‘lets go to dinner’ and have your friends figure out when and where, get notified by email, phone, text messages, integrate into google calendar, etc! Check it out.

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