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Tweeto – Online Task Manager June 15, 2007

Posted by Ced in .Subscribe, Info, Services.

Tweeto is a browser based task manager/todo list that allows you to quickly and easily plan your tasks so that you never forget the important things in both your personal and work life.


  • Manage Tasks – Quickly and easily create a todo list with the simple tweeto interface.
  • RSS Feeds – Tweeto provides RSS feeds of both your active tasks and recently completed tasks.
  • Drag and Drop ordering – Quickly arrange your tasks into an ordered list with the drag and drop interface.
  • Organize Tasks – Manage your todo list with the use of tags and/or color labels.
  • Smart Tagging – Smart tagging allows tasks to be automatically tagged with your popular keywords saving you the time and effort of tagging every task.
  • Work Offline – Using the technology that all the geeks refer to as “AJAX”, tweeto allows you to work disconnected from the internet once the page has loaded.
  • Access Anywhere – Since tweeto is a web based application it means you can access your data from any web enabled machine or device anywhere on the planet.
  • Cross Platform – Tweeto is browser based which means that it can run on any platform that has a browser.
  • Printer Friendly Lists – Easily print out your task list in a printer friendly list format.
  • Email Lists – Email the whole or filtered version of your task list to yourself,friends and colleagues – allowing you to quickly and easily share your tasks or give others things to do.
  • Fully Degradable – We don’t believe in shutting people out, this is why tweeto is fully degradable.
  • 100% Free

Possible uses for the service are: todo list, shopping list, wish lists, and call sheets.

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1. Jacob Wyke - June 16, 2007

Hey thanks for talking about tweeto and would love to hear your feedback and thoughts about it. I’m always trying to improve it for what users want so would love to get any and all feedback.

2. Ced - June 27, 2007

Thanks for dropping by, Jacob. Cheers to Tweeto!

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