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Iminta.com – What Are You Inta? March 11, 2008

Posted by Ced in Feeds, Online, Services.

Iminta.com (beta) is an online service that lets you connect to what you and your friends find, all in one place. A lot of us use a variety of services, such as Del.icio.us, Flickr, Twitter, Jaiku, Google Reader, and so on.

If you use different social services, you don’t have to register at all their sites to share things. And you decide what each friend sees from your profile and what you see from theirs, because Iminta’s unique filters put you in control. It doesn’t overload you with everything they do; it highlights what they find.

“Real-world friends who see, call or IM each other can create and maintain the bond of friendship through a shared culture, but there’s so much information floating through our view these days that these connections are increasingly fractured. Unless you take the time to email all your friends every time you find something cool, the social bond becomes harder to maintain. Iminta is a bridge that simplifies that process of creating and sharing a culture, and helps you stay connected to what your friends are up to.” [iminta.com]

Things you can do with Iminta:

  • Plug all the sites you use into one service.
  • Add/invite your friends.
  • Get a single profile of all the stuff you’re doing online – all your Diggs, Flickr images, bookmarks, shared Google content and more, in one place.
  • Click on “What your friends are inta” and get a view of what they’ve been finding online. Then, quickly filter their content to see only what interests you. (Just because you like their photos doesn’t mean you like their music.)
  • Next, decide what other people see from your profile. (Family can see Flickr but colleagues can only see last.fm.)
  • Add content to your profile by doing what you already do – surfing sites and clicking to choose the content you like. It’s automatically added to your Iminta profile. You can also paste in a URL to add stuff without going to other sites, or grab something from a friend’s list for all your contacts to see.
  • Get your profile in one RSS feed. Plug it into your blog or anywhere else.
  • Take your friends’ discoveries with you via daily email and RSS.

Iminta.com is currently in beta, and is open for invite requests.

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