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WhatsYourRecord.com – Share Records of Amazing Feats April 17, 2008

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WhatsYourRecord.com is a free online service that lets users post their accomplished single or group records, sort of like the Guiness World Records, but informal.

“… you can add your own single records or even group records you’ve done with your friends. If you want to know other users, just add them to your friendlist and talk to them via an easy to use message system. If you want to know what records are most attempted or highest rated, just have a look at the Top List – or you can just surf around the Site to rate and comment other people records.” [WhatsYourRecord.com]

Some user records are:

  • Most standing jumps on one foot in 1 minute: 106 jumps
  • Longest long jump with one foot: 1m 65cm
  • Longest standing backward long jump: 1m 20cm
  • Longest breath holding: 1min 21sec
  • Most received emails in 1 day: 64 emails
  • Most sent emails in 1 day: 60 emails

This site will surely give you ideas for something to do. Or something to attempt to do anyways.

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1. tony - April 17, 2008

Nice idea

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