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GroupTweet.com – Send Private Messages to a Group April 22, 2008

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GroupTweet.com lets you send private Twitter messages to a specific groups of contacts.

Problem: Malcolm, Zoe, Kaylee, Simon, and River all work together on the same web development team. They are avid Twitter users and want a similar way to send quick, private messages and updates to everyone on their team. Since these messages may contain confidential information, the team doesn’t want them published to their public Twitter timelines or to any followers who are not part of the team. Solution: GroupTweet allows Malcolm and the gang to send messages via Twitter that are instantly pushed out privately to only the team members.” [GroupTweet]

To make use of GroupTweet:

  1. Create a Twiter account for your group;
  2. Register your group’s account in GroupTweet;
  3. Each member will follow the created group account;
  4. To send a message to every member, just send a Direct Message to the group account.

So now, you and all group members can message the whole group on Twitter, privately.

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