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NutshellMail.com – Your Mail in a Nutshell October 14, 2008

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NutshellMail.com is a free online service that helps you access, manage, and monitor all your email and social networking accounts through your most commonly used inbox.

“NutshellMail is a service for both non-technical and web-savvy users. It is a tool with many applications and our subscribers use the service for many distinct purposes. Some use NutshellMail simply to save time and to keep track of their various accounts. Employees restricted from accessing external messaging accounts use NutshellMail to retrieve personal messages without violating corporate policies. And parents use NutshellMail to keep track of their young children’s email and social networking activities.” [NutshellMail]

Reasons to use the service:

  • You have multiple email and/or social network accounts;
  • You can’t access personal messages while at work;
  • You waste time loging in to each account separately;
  • You want a better way to manage all your messaging accounts;
  • You want to monitor your children’s incoming messages;
  • It’s Free, Easy, and Secure

If you are longing for a service that would consolidate your email accounts and social network accounts in one snapshot email, this is for you.

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