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KidZui.com – The Internet for Kids December 16, 2008

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KidZui.com is a kid’s browser with access to over a million websites, pictures and videos reviewed by teachers and parents like you.

“KidZui does not create content. It comes from all over the Internet – over a million kid-friendly websites, videos and pictures and it’s growing every day. KidZui is built by real people who care about kids. Over 200 trained teachers and parents have reviewed and approved sites, videos and pictures using a rigorous content selection process. And our reviewers don’t just approve content, they categorize it for age-appropriateness and by topic.” [KidZui]

Parents will receive a weekly email reports that will keep them up-to-date with what their kids are surfing on the internet. The Free Account gives parents the following features:

  • Add individual websites
  • Parent Account access
  • E-mailed reports of your kid’s online activity
  • Kid’s online activity graphed for 30 days
  • Top 10 recently viewed content of your kid’s activity
  • Accounts include all the kids in your family

KidZui can be one of the tools that can make the Internet safer for our kids.

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