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TVRage – Your Online TV Guide December 7, 2012

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Keep tabs on your favorite TV shows using TVRage. TVRage provides info about 29,000 shows, each with summaries, air dates, and more. (more…)


Backupify.com – Secure Your Online Life (Free for Limited Time) December 24, 2009

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Backupify.com is a service that enables you to backup your online lifestream in the cloud.

Currently, it supports the following services: Flickr, Twitter, Delicious, Zoho, Google Docs, Photobucket, WordPress, Basecamp, Facebook, FriendFeed, Blogger, and Hotmail.

Soon, these will also be supported: YouTube, Xmarks, RssFeed, and Tumblr.


Yahoo! 360º Closing Soon June 3, 2009

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yahoo 360

Yahoo! 360º, a personal communication portal by Yahoo that includes blogging services, will be closing up shop on July 13, 2009. After July 12, all users of the service will not have access to anything on 360º. (more…)

Dipity.com – Collect and Share Your Online Life September 23, 2008

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Dipity.com is a service that lets you collate and share your online life by showing your personal timeline.

“Serendipity occurred for us in April of 2007 when three long time friends realized they’d all been imagining the same product. They quit their day jobs and in April of 2007 formed Underlying Inc. and started making Dipity.” [Dipity]

Currently, you can add the following to your timeline:

  • Photos: Flickr, Picasa
  • Blogs: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr
  • Music: Last.fm, Pandora
  • Videos: YouTube, Vimeo
  • Other: Twitter, Yelp, FireEagle, Any RSS feed, Pownce

This is a nice service, giving you the opportunity to mash-up virtually all your online content into one neat timeline. For those curious, my timeline can be found [in this link].

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Yammer.com September 18, 2008

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Yammer.com is an enterprise productivity solution that uses a publish-and-subscribe model to improve communication while reducing email overload.

“Yammer is a tool for making companies and organizations more productive through the exchange of short frequent answers to one simple question: ‘What are you working on?’ ” [Yammer]

What you can do with the service:

  • Publish status updates, ideas, news, links, and questions without cluttering up inboxes.
  • Subscribe to the people and topics that are relevant to you.
  • Reply to status updates and have discussions.
  • See what people are actually working on and talking about.
  • Search archived messages as a knowledge-base.
  • Find people in the directory to contact them or learn more about them.

The basic service is free. The ability to Claim and administer the company network is fee-based.

This is a nice solution for the business sector, where presence updates and online messaging can be limited to just within the company network.

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