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Streamzoo – Share and discover streams of mobile photos and videos December 20, 2012

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Streamzoo lets you share your mobile photos and videos, using iOS, Android, or the Web. This is another nice alternative mobile photo sharing network. (more…)


EyeEm – An alternative mobile photo sharing network December 20, 2012

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I like taking photos and sharing them with my friends, just like you. We all have our favorite photo sharing app and service, but sometimes we like trying out new and/or different ones, for various reasons. Right now, I’m checking out EyeEm. (more…)

Connect – Mobile Photography site from Dpreview October 11, 2012

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When doing some ‘research’ on a DSLR or compact camera, I always browse two sites: dpreview and ephotozine. For mobile phone cameras though, I look at other sites. Now, dpreview launches their Connect site. (more…)

Spool – Save, Sync, Read Later December 22, 2011

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Spool is a new service that lets you save videos, images, articles with multiple pages, etc. It then syncs your content to all of your devices [phone, laptop, desktop, tablet] for consumption later.

Currently on invite-only beta.


PreSwitcher.com – Everything About the Palm Pre June 7, 2009

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pre switcher logo

PreSwitcher.com is a website that gives you anything and everything about the Palm Pre smartphone.