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StockNewsGame.com – Learn Stock Trading Analysis June 17, 2008

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StockNewsGame.com (beta) is a free online game that lets you learn the fundamental financial analysis principles of stocks and trading.

“A lot of people are fascinated by the stock markets. The StockNewsGame allows a fun, educating (and hopefully not too addictive) experience for you to gauge your market understanding and get better at it. The free game presents investors, students or any other financial markets observers a series of company news. For every such news piece, you’ll be asked for the company’s price stock change.” [StockNewsGame]

If you are interested in stock trading analysis, and would like to try it without spending real money, StockNewsGame.com is something nice to consider. And fun, too.

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Woopra.com April 3, 2008

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Woopra.com offers a robust web-tracking & analysis tool. It features live tracking, advanced search, real-time analytics, visitor tagging, and instant messaging for your website.

“Essentially, it is targeted for blogs interested in the most minuscule details of every single action. In addition, Woopra provides a precise real-time streaming of every single activity on the website.” [Woopra]

The Woopra application is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Java SE 1.6 is required.

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