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Dogpile.com – The Best Search Engines Piled into One August 26, 2008

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Dogpile.com is a metasearch engine that puts Google, Yahoo!, Live Search, and Ask to work as one for your searching needs.

“If you had a choice between a single-person search party, or a search team of half-a-dozen, which would you choose? Yep, us too. Why not put six search engines to work on something in the same time it takes to use one? This is what we call metasearch. Dogpile puts the power all the leading search engines together in one search box to deliver the best combined results. The process is more efficient and yields more relevant results. ” [Dogpile]

If you like, you can *optionally* download their browser toolbar, but I’d suggest skipping the toolbar and just go to the URI. (Not a big fan of toolbar add-ons.)

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Help LiveNewsCameras.com Do a Stress Test June 7, 2008

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Previously mentioned site LiveNewsCameras.com is currently conducting a “stress test” for June 6, 2008. The site is trying to get as many people as possible to jump to the site, and see if it can properly handle the increased traffic.

Let us all give them a hand, and go to LiveNewsCameras.com for some news streaming.

(Thanks to Andy Roesgen for the news.)

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LiveNewsCameras.com – Collection of Live Video Streams April 26, 2008

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LiveNewsCameras.com is a collection of live video streams from television networks. It lets you view any stream (such as FOX, CBS, NBC) on-demand.

“LiveNewsCameras.com brings together the resources of journalists around the world and makes live streaming video easy to find and use on your computer.” [LIveNewsCameras.com]

News junkies will definitely have a blast with this new service.

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