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Connect – Mobile Photography site from Dpreview October 11, 2012

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When doing some ‘research’ on a DSLR or compact camera, I always browse two sites: dpreview and ephotozine. For mobile phone cameras though, I look at other sites. Now, dpreview launches their Connect site. (more…)

Remindr.info – Be Reminded via Twitter, E-mail, IM, and/or Mobile Phone December 9, 2008

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Remindr.info is an online service that lets you setup reminders that will alert you via your Twitter account, email address, Jabber (or GTalk) IM account, and/or mobile phone.

No need to register. All you have to do is fill up the necessary details of your reminder:


LetsEat.at – Free Website Builder for Restaurants September 27, 2008

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LetsEat.at is a free website builder service for restaurants.

“A website for your restaurant is no longer an option-it’s a necessity. Between hosting, design, and updating, it can get complicated and expensive… but it doesn’t have to be! With a LetsEat.at website, hosting is a matter of signing up, designing a matter of choosing a theme, updating a matter of signing-in. The site is completely yours and completely free.” [LetsEat.at]


  • Customize your menu
  • Post daily specials
  • Create your own printable online coupons
  • Choose from our growing library of themes
  • Post reviews and links to local newspapers and magazines
  • Mobile Edition, (iPhone-friendly)
  • With loads of great features and many more in the works

This is a great service to promote your restaurant. Even if you already have a website for your resto, it wouldn’t hurt to have a presence in this service.

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Pinger.com – Send Mobile Voice Messages to Anyone in the World for Free April 8, 2008

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Pinger.com is a service that lets you trade voice messages with anyone’s mobile phone in over 20 countries. Moreover, you can send a Pinger message to a group of people with just one call. Pinger is free and works on nearly any mobile phone around the world.

“Just call the local Pinger number, say the names of the people you want to message and talk! You can message one or all your friends with one call. You can leave a message up to 5 minutes long! People you send a message to get a text instead of a ring. They just press a button or two to listen. Recipients can reply or forward by hitting a single button so it’s fast and easy to message back and forth.” [Pinger]

This is a nice free service for sending more than just text (SMS) to people. To know if it is available in your country, see the country list.

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