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Trivop.com – Videoguide for Hotels June 5, 2007

Posted by Ced in Online, Services, Video.

Trivop.com is an online videoguide for hotels. Its goal is to change the way people choose their hotel before traveling.

The site provides great info for travelers, as well as a good video platform for the hotel industry. Travelers can add videos, photos, and comments, while hotels can add videos and photos.

Sometimes, pictures are not enough in convincing people which hotel to choose, thus Trivop.com is born.

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1. Cristina - June 26, 2007

Dear Ced,
My name is Cristina and I work for Trivop. I saw that you wrote about us on your blog! It is always nice to see what people say about us. Thank you for your comments.
We would like to keep you updated about our company, new features and press releases, so please send us your email address.
Thanks again for your interest and comments about Trivop.

Best regards,


2. Ced - June 27, 2007

Thanks for dropping by, Cristina. Sent you an email.

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