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TVRage – Your Online TV Guide December 7, 2012

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Keep tabs on your favorite TV shows using TVRage. TVRage provides info about 29,000 shows, each with summaries, air dates, and more. (more…)

LOUD3R.com – Network of Topic-Driven Websites July 22, 2008

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LOUD3R.com gives you a network of 25 topic-specific sites to help you filter out the noise in finding news.

“For every great website out there, there are hundreds of not so great ones-some are just downright terrible. Sifting through the junk to find the content you want (the good stuff) takes a lot of time. Several content discovery tools have been developed to make this easier (RSS, Yahoo Pipes, Alerts, Search) but they are time-intensive, and generally do a lackluster job of filtering out repeats, spam, splogs and other bad content. Simply put, they can tell you based on keywords and popularity if a site is relevant, but they cannot tell you if its any good or not. An editor, a human one, can. This is LOUD3R’s Mojo.” [LOUD3R]

The topic-driven sites are:

Each site uses a combination of human editorial input combined with semantic software to assemble all the best content, from a web-wide perspective. The idea is that if you are interested in, let’s say Mixed Martial Arts, you go to FIGHT3R to see the Most Interesting, Most Popular, and Newest news about MMA, as well as share stories, ask questions, and get answers from the community. You can also change the timeframe according to Day, Week, or Month. Let’s get it on!

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